What Can You Give a Teething Puppy for Pain

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There are many ways to reduce the pain of teething in your puppy. Your little friend is going through some awkward growing pains, and they’re probably pretty painful. In addition to being a stressful time for your puppy, this is also a challenging period of time for you as their owner. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help ease the teething process. It might seem like icky work at first glance, but your puppy will be grateful when they no longer feel like their gums are on fire. Here are some handy tips to keep your pup happy until those pearly whites emerge in a few weeks.

Try Out Some Dental Care Products

If your puppy is currently teething, you may have already noticed some dribbling. It’s not just drool, either – it’s actually a sign of pain. There are a number of products that you can use to ease your pup’s pain and make their gums feel better. The best ones are those that contain a combination of ingredients. For instance, an enzymatic toothpaste is a great choice for young pups. They contain oral enzymes that break down food particles and plaque in your puppy’s mouth. This will help to relieve their pain and prevent the buildup of bacteria that could cause infection. A tartar-control formula is also a good option for young teeth. It will help to keep their teeth clean and promote the growth of healthy gums. You can also try a topical product, such as a gels or creams, that can soothe and protect your puppy’s gums.

Give Your Puppy Frozen Treats

Freezing treats is a great way to give your puppy some relief. When your pup bites down on the frozen treat, the cold sensation will help numb their gums. This is particularly effective on the molars, which is where most pups experience the most pain. A frozen treat is an excellent option for teething pups that are still eating kibble. (You can dunk the kibble in water to freeze it, or you can use a silicone teething treat mold.) Frozen kibble is a cooling and soothing snack that can help to improve your puppy’s teething experience. You can also try freezing some fruit or veggies as treats for your puppy. They’re healthy, and they’ll provide a cooling sensation that can help to provide some pain relief. You can also try freezing chew toys that are designed for teething puppies.

Offer Your Puppy A Teething Ring

There are a lot of different teething rings on the market that you can use. You can also try out teething biscuits. These treats are designed to massage your puppy’s gums and provide them with some welcome relief. If your pup prefers to nibble on something, like a teething ring or a teething biscuit, you’ll probably find that they’re less likely to drool with it in their mouth. If the teething toys are big enough, your puppy might even be able to put them in their own mouth and do some serious chewing. Teething biscuits are another excellent option for your puppy. These biscuits are usually made of dough or pellets that have been enriched with special herbs and minerals. This will help to calm your puppy’s gums and make their teeth grow in more healthily.

Create A Home Environment That Eases The Pain

If you can, try to make your home a little bit cooler. Extreme temperatures often cause discomfort in humans and animals alike, so a cooler environment can help to ease your puppy’s pain. You can also try to make your home more chew-friendly. Secure wires, put away fragile decorations, and put away anything that your puppy could accidentally swallow. If you have expensive rugs or furniture, you can place a cheap rug or blanket underneath your puppy’s bed. If your puppy is teething, you may also notice that they’re more likely to dig and chew on their paws. You can help to ease this pain by using cooling bandages or paw pads. You can also try soaking your puppy’s paws in a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.

Don’t Forget To Brush!

We know that it might sound strange, but brushing your puppy’s teeth can actually be really helpful during the teething process. You don’t want to do it every day, but it’s a good idea to brush once a week during the teething months. Teeth brushing can go a long way towards preventing future dental issues in your puppy. It will also help to alleviate your pup’s discomfort during this sensitive time. If you start brushing your puppy’s teeth early, they will get used to the process and it will be easier when they’re older. Teeth brushing is one of those things that you should start early. You can even start brushing your puppy’s teeth when they’re a few months old. If your puppy is too young to hold still for a toothbrush, you can use baby spoons or a soft infant toothbrush.

Wrapping Up

Teething is something that puppies must go through, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be painful for them. You can help your puppy be more comfortable as they go through this process by giving them frozen treats and cooling their environment. You can also use teething biscuits and dental care products to relieve your puppy’s pain. Teeth brushing can also be helpful when it comes to teething. Don’t forget to be gentle, though, and make sure to use a special puppy toothpaste. These tips will help to make your puppy’s teething process a little easier. And when their teeth finally come in, you can be sure that they will be eternally grateful for the relief.

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